Strategic Coaching, Mentoring, and Team Building Services

Is your business strategy designed to directly correlate to new market opportunities and changing customer needs? More importantly, is your human capital executing effectively to related objectives?  Using information provided directly by the client, and uniquely specific to your business needs, we provide honest feedback in designing integrated solutions to enable you to strategically execute against long-term goals. Dogma Solutions builds upon your current foundations and adds value to your business through Strategic Coaching, Mentoring, and Team Building facilitation.

Business Plan Assessments

Conducting assessments to ensure the “Your Story” is the appropriate balance between funding asks and long term operational strategies; allowing your plan to stand out with investors, lenders, and stakeholders.

Stabilization and Growth

Helping clients correct noncontributing behaviors within business cycles to reduce normal fluctuations and allow for the focus to shift toward output and related growth.

Transitional Readiness

Assisting clients to plan for change and execute more effectively using comprehensive methodologies which emphasize a proactive approach to enable you to act upon an effective transition.

Personal Mentoring

Guiding professionals, both leadership and staff, to define goals and promote self-development & self-sufficiency through actionable approaches.

Corporate Team Building

In conjunction with Puzzle Room Reno, providing Team Building services to improve your organization’s cohesiveness and provide improved skills and renewed motivation.

Organizational & Strategy Operations

Are you confident your employees are aligned with your organizational strategies and are effectively focused on the right objectives? Virtually every successful organization has developed a distinct, identifiable culture that is easily recognized by its employees. Organizational strategies which best emphasize a unique culture not only map to a more productive workforce, but ultimately drive the returns that are realized at the bottom line.  Dogma Solutions assists companies design and develop strategies through the following:

Organizational Design

Modeling organizational design for optimal people alignment to significantly accelerate employee performance and organizational agility.

Priorities / Commitments

Developing planning roadmaps and creating executive priorities to ensure employee commitment alignment.

Planning / Budgeting / Forecasting

Streamlining fiscal oversight and related cadence to enable companies to meet strategic performance goals; culminating in higher margins and reduced business risk.

Execution Fundamentals

Guiding leaders on the nuances of operational excellence to not only fine tune their team’s capabilities & performance, but to aid in influencing with purpose.

Talent Development / Retention

Customizing “People First” talent strategies and HR practices in order to more efficiently attract, hire, grow, and retain a top level employee base.

Communication / Messaging

Designing communication plans and messaging tactics which are easily disseminated in building leadership credibility while enhancing employee understanding of strategic priorities.

Analytics Management

Do your current performance indicators measure the right things in validating your ongoing relevance? It’s been said that, “What gets measured, gets done.”, and the right analytics are more important than ever in today’s economic climate. By identifying, developing, and measuring performance in support of balanced scorecard, the proper analytics can aide in executive decision making, resource allocation, and improved problem solving. We work with our clients in the follow areas:

Market Analysis

Providing competitive insights and related operational execution methodology to allow for targeted, adaptive, and agile strategic planning across both current and potential markets served.

Strategic Roadmaps

By delivering strategic roadmaps, we create the “How” behind the organization’s mission, enabling employees to visualize how their deliverables will achieve long-term objectives.

KPI & Scorecard Development

Creating customized scorecards which support strategic objectives and provide end-to-end visibility through predictive modeling of transparent performance measures.

Reporting Frameworks

Assisting our clients to develop and implement sustainable reporting frameworks which allow for proactive communication of key indicators and related impacts to stakeholders.

Audit Ready Compliance

Ensuring our clients are compliant and audit ready, we validate that the necessary procedures, and documents are in order; permitting leaders to understand what to expect.

Governance Structure

Clearly defining and implementing governance practices which monitor clients’ end to end business operations and align to the interests of management and stakeholders.

Transformation & Implementation Management

What’s your level of confidence in the ability to implement your strategy in realizing your vision? A strategy in and of itself is only the beginning and many businesses find themselves challenged due to not working from a robust operational plan. From the methodology of leading change to the sequence of implementation itself, we move the client from “good enough” to that of being optimized and running efficiently. Dogma Solutions is dedicated to assisting leaders with successfully implementing multi-phase changes across their organization(s).

Lean Process Improvement

Applying lean methodology to systematically optimize operational delivery. This includes both processes and procedures which enable higher quality in response to ongoing changes in customer needs and market dynamics.

Efficiency & Cost Management

Empowering clients to cut costs in order to increase value and profitability by developing strategies to drive efficiency gains within the perimeters requested.

Change Management

Enabling positive change through proven techniques and best practices; balancing people alignment, investment in tool sets, training, and communication plans throughout the implementation process.

Procedural Documentation Creation

Partnering with our clients to research, define, and author relatable policy & procedures, and project documentation, as well as implement proven retention methodologies.

Quality Assurance

Increasing both accuracy and quality by strict adherence to industry standards in order to optimize from initial development and throughout implementation phases.

Continuous Improvement

Helping clients “help themselves” by empowering people to embrace adaptive change, while creating a sustainable continuous improvement culture whose impact can be measured.

Project Management Framework & Staffing

When temporary staffing is required, is sourcing local and fully vetted professionals important to you?  Appreciating the benefits of leveraging local knowledge while finding the right talent for the right positions can be a competitive advantage. As tactical implementation and project management services are needed, Dogma Solutions has the ability to provide customized staffing solutions that are tailored to the precise needs of our clients; both at the right time and at the right cost.

Delivery Strategies

Conducting assessments and using relatable toolkits to ensure the appropriate linkage between strategy and operational execution. This allows clients to react more proactively and remain relevant in an increasingly complex business environment.

Project Management Services

Aligning project management practices & professionals across all aspects of tactical implementation; ensuring our methodology uses proven best practices which are specifically adapted to our client’s needs.

Employee Onboarding & Training

Developing personnel strategies which enable new hires to quickly understand organizational goals, acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to seamlessly become effective team members.

Vendor Sourcing & Management Services

Do you take advantage of cost savings and efficiency gains that vendor outsourcing can bring? In balancing overhead costs, deciding what to retain in-house vs. that of outsourcing can be difficult. In the competitive market of today Dogma Solutions assist clients to make the right sourcing choices to achieve desired strategic outcomes and ensure cost reduction objectives are addressed. At the same time, we position the client for longer-term scalability, enhancements, and innovation to take place.

Procurement & Supplier Strategy

By taking a more comprehensive approach to what to buy, where to buy, and how it’s purchased, our strategies allow clients to reduce cost and free up cash for reinvestment into other areas of their end to end value chain.

Validation of Need

Using strategic research and data validation to ensure the need to provide a tactical vendor solution best maps to long term client strategies and related workforce allocation.

Vendor Performance Management

Vetting vendor expertise against the client’s need in regard to the best in class value, and with a particular emphasis on management capabilities, innovation, quality of delivery, service level performance, and total cost.

Contract Management Services

Building contract management oversight to effectively develop, negotiate, execute, and manage contracts; the goal being to eliminate duplication, add efficiency, reduce risk, and maximize the vendor’s value add.

Documentation Management

Implementing an integrated vendor documentation and secure retention methodology which allows for streamlined business processes: via both onsite and cloud based services.